Transition Studies in Flowering Plants  

by Rolf Baumberger

Analysis - Tool 01

Test-Tool to detect any transition dynamics:

Data from 6 populations situated along a W-E transect (60 km) from red to yellow morphs, sampled twice 2012 and 2017. In between stages build up a cloud (grey dots), that is denser in 2012 than in 2017. 

∧1= Yellow ∅ 

∧2 = red ∅ 

𝚿 = Color Phase-Space with axis L, a, b. The diameter of colored bubbles is proportional to the counts.

In general, any triple of color notation (L*a*b) shifts from ∧1 towards ∧2 in function of the elapsed time. 


--> A slow transition dynamics is indicated here.

Combined  "Phase-Space" for transect B6-B1

The morphometric readings from all the six populations (grey dots) build up the shape of the morph cloud. The depicted inlet represents the color part. The stepwise shift from inland to coast population readings (colored bubbles) uncovers the continual (gradual) nature of this transition.


See section "Summary" to see the locations of the transect sites B6-B1 on the inlet depicted map of the figure there.

Analysis-Tool 02 ( )