Transition studies in flowering plants

 Rolf Baumberger

Dynamics I

Data from 6 populations situated along a W-E transect (60 km) from red to yellow morphs were sampled in 2012, 2017 & 2022. In between stages build up a cloud (orange colored dots) denser in 2012 than in 2017 and fades slowly out in 2022. 

• A slow transition dynamics are indicated here but seem to end between 2017 and 2022. There is hardly seen a transition zone over the whole range. However, the local transition can still be seen in multiple places. 

About the Diplacus planted on roadside verges:
Diplacus longiflorus plants South of Ortega Hwy (74) can spontaneously transform into puniceus-like forms in 20 years.

Roadside Diplaus longiflorus plants tend to shift in color and shape over time (~20 yrs).