Transitions Studies in Flowering Plants

by Rolf Baumberger



The author has been carrying these ideas and views published on the Web for a while. The Internet now provided an ideal platform to write these ideas from the soul. Is he losing something? The opposite is the case. He can only win.
On the one hand, scientific knowledge belongs to the public, if these findings contribute to a better understanding of our world. But all persons should benefit from it. Now, this website has been called thousands of times. That speaks for the mass. The sheer volume, however, does not reflect their quality. The quality only shows up over time, if at all. By examining the published PP hypothesis, you should try to falsify the theory. Maybe the threads continue to turn in this direction. If a scientifically thinking person feels addressed by this site. Who knows, perhaps someone has already observed something similar?
If these ideas fall on fertile ground, much is already won.

r.b. October 2019