Transition Studies in  Flowering Plants 

by Rolf Baumberger

The evolutionary algorithm


A dualistic system: In principle, it is a matter of taking a biological view at the process from gene to phenotype. As soon as the phenotype becomes manifest, the whole thing should also be considered physically. Apparently, a phenotype (Y) is basically optimized.

If it is no longer the case that (Y) is optimized, an algorithmic search movement is triggered. In the process, a limited number of parameters change.

It should be mentioned that all phenotypes together form a multidimensional point cloud in which the phenotype (Y) moves to a new attractor point (R). There a new dynamic equilibrium state is reached. The phenotype (R) is again stable, whereby the gene regulation also always follows, and the final rule is also newly genetically determined. 

With this procedure, one obtains a possible final result and the course direction. It can then be logically traced back from the end to the origin. Effect --> Cause.

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