by Rolf Baumberger 

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Somatic mutations passed to the offspring

The authors of this study 


Mitchell B. Cruzan, Matthew A. Streisfeld, and Jaime A. Schwoch

support the still unique idea that somatic mutations can be passed to the offspring.  In Mimulus guttatus mutations accumulated during vegetative growth are being passed to the next generation, they stated.

• They, expect a nonrandom subset of the accumulated mutations.  

• The authors exclude the involvement of epigenetic mechanisms. 

• Mutations are filtered by the different forms of intra-generation selection - ? 

We also have observed similar effects in Diplacus (former Mimulusaurantiacus during the transition from australis to puniceus morphs. A good example is depicted below:


Fig: Variance of the offspring of two long-lived plants in transition in the field (T27 & T30).

Roughly speaking, the offspring of the same long-lived plant of originally yellow color will first assume the characteristics of F1, then be F2, then F1xR, and finally red. The speed of conversion can vary greatly depending on the location. Here's an example of an unusually slow transition. (Alienated original drawing)

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