Transition studies 

 in plants             by Rolf Baumberger 


One other plant species of interest has become the commonly bluish violet flowering Aquilegia vulgaris of the Swiss pre-Alps. It is reported that this species can rarely have whitish flowers. This deme suddenly becomes more frequent locally and behaves like a hybrid swarm, including blue violet, flowered individuals, and mauve flowered and whitish ones. It is a case for long-term observation and checking if there is an altitudinal gradient of floral color. It is believed that there are populations with mixed flowers at lower sites, whereas, at higher altitudes, flowers were uniform blue. The lower ecotype has a tendency to exhibit a purple-flowered state, which is a relatively new finding.

"Hybrid swarm" like occurence of Aquilegia vulgaris mixed floral color site.

L*a*b Color space distribution of Aquilegia floral colors

 Two Aquilegia color variants growing close by at a forest edge