by Rolf Baumberger 


Transition in Polemoniacea

Ipomopsis tenuituba --t--> Ipomopsis aggregata (Polemoniaceae)

Another transient system is located in the state of Colorado above Crested Butte in the Poverty Gulch area at an altitude of 2700 - 3200 meters. Flowering plants occur along the transect A to L, the Ipomopsis tenuituba (A) with long purple to white flowers. If you step down the valley, you will see transitive plants that can turn into the red morph within three years. Again, a flitting can be seen. In the circled area are plant-populations that have changed or are still changing in the last fourteen years. The red-flowering form is called Ipomopsis aggregate (L). There is more and more of this kind in the area caused by transformation. 

Ipomopsis tenuituba & Ipomopsis aggregata

 Transitional I. tenuituba in flitting process (see arrowheads). 

Buds already have the color of the future I. aggregata morph. 

The plants are long-lived.

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